Sunday, April 24, 2011

He has Risen

Spent the day celebrating our Risen Savior among lightening bolts, thunder and rain ALL DAY-but much needed rain. Think this is the first picture taken of me and the well ......way too long to remember so I thought it was worthy to blog about :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


During this season of Lent we have encouraged our kids to make a sacrifice-either to go without something they really like/enjoy or to make a sacrifice by adding something to their day. I continue to be amazed by their sweet spirits and am so thankful at being able to get a glimpse into their walk with God. Big Sister announced pretty quickly that she was giving up all things chocolate. She is usually a thinker before speaking so I was a bit surprised by her quick response. She has amazed me at not only 'sticking with' her decision but she has very quietly and humbly turned down chocolate offered by others. She has not boasted, she has not announced to the world of her 'great sacrifice'.....she truly gets that her momentary sacrifices, her going without chocolate treats-pales in comparison to God's sacrifice of his Son.

Brother has given up cookies. This kid could be called the cookie monster. He loves to eat almost any kind of cookie and LOVES picking what sort of cookie he will pack in his lunch. He too is choosing to use this time of sacrifice to understand a bit more deeply about Christ's sacrifice. Of course they have also enjoyed teasing each other a bit too, but I think this just helps us all remain focused on the Lenten season.

I hope you too have chosen to go with out or add to something that will help you keep God the focus of your days as we journey to the cross, preparing our hearts for Easter morning. For no matter what we sacrifice it truly pales in comparison but hopefully encourages us to keep our eyes fixed on Him.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Life on the Funny Farm

So if we are 'friends' on FB this post will not come as a surprise to you. Seems as though every time I go out of town my dear sweet husband makes a purchase that he knows I wouldn't 'approve' of. The first time I went to Ghana, via email I learned- -oh by the way I bought a Harley-he had buried that little tidbit in the middle of an email he sent. Guess he figured as I read the email with my preacher by my side I couldn't kill him that or the 24 hour time of travel to get home, he was safe. For my birthday he 'bought me' a donkey who happened to come with the name "Donkey" of course pronounced like Shreck. Way too many jokes about that one-thanks friends.
The latest purchase while I was out of town spending the weekend with amazing mommas, he and the kids bought all the fixings for would mean 'ol mom make them get rid of all the goods. And now we have baby chicks, too many too count! I guess I should have known that finally getting the home of my dreams meant it was going to come with some new if you come to visit don't be surprised if you are greeted with a big sign welcoming you to the Funny Farm! The lesson maybe you are thinking I should have learned: Don't go out of town. Well, forget that I need an occasional escape from the Funny Farm.
Would love some help coming up with something I could purchase/acquire while he is out of the country this summer.....any ideas?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where to go....

When we started this blog it was to help keep everyone up to date about our adoption, of our newest family member, to help out of town folks up to date on the daily happenings of our family...often forgotten and neglected the blog posts kept getting more sporadic. I have been challenged to post more often.
I realize how much I NEED the posts written by a particular group of women, how much these posts have been uplifting, encouraging, refreshing, full of hope, sometimes bringing tears to my eyes at other times laughter...but always the feeling of I AM NOT ALONE!

Last weekend was spent surrounded by amazing mothers who 'get it'. A weekend full of acceptance and love, close to 70 women from all walks of life-varying ages, number of children, number of miles traveled, length of time on this journey..... all who love deeply and passionately love, who are not giving up, who have an unending amount of patience (yes ladies you do) and acceptance. What is the one thing we all have in common....we are mothers to a child(ren) who is a survivor of early trauma, children with attachment issues. Our children are not identical but they are similar and the 'crazy' they add to our homes is something that only those parenting truly 'get'. I am blessed by wonderfully supportive parents and friends (some who have done almost as much research on RAD as I have) but have never met (as in the flesh) another momma of a RAD kiddo until last weekend.....thanks to this amazing woman Corey. She and a handful of others gave so much of their time, energy as they poured themselves into the behind the scenes as they planned a weekend to bring together other mothers like themselves, for that I will be forever grateful!
Not sure what the future of this blog is but know that there are women who continually encourage me and I am sure there is something I could write to encourage them...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our First Annual (hopefully) Ski Trip

Sorry for the crazy layout of the pictures/video, blogger and I aren't getting along.

We took the kids skiing for their first time and they LOVED it! They were truly sad when our last day was over and are already scheming on how to go back. Having a husband who'sbusiness is the busiest during the summer time, makes it difficult toget away. So we decided to pull the kids out of school for 4 days and enjoy some wonderful quality family time and thanks to the crazy weather we have been having here the kids only missed 2 days due to school being cancelled for snow.

We couldn't have asked for better weather-a fresh foot of snow the day we arrived and beautiful sunny skies. On the third day we were able to go to the top of the mountain and enjoy skiing down together many times-what a blessing! Of course RAD yuck tried to sabotage our fun but the yuck wasn't successful only dampened some of her fun.

Some tubing fun. LOVE the picture of Big Sister and Princess-their faces are so sweet! The kids even shared their tubes with Mom and Dad a time or two.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

Dad and the Little Sisters
Our city hosts a wonderful evening for Dads and Daughters to get dressed up and dance together. What started as something quite small a few years ago has become quite large and is now three different dance times held in the ballroom of a local hotel. From what I am told (no moms allowed) there are tables of cookies and punch and a big dance floor that is never empty. What a wonderful evening Dads have for setting the bar high in teaching their daughters about dating. From such a young age our girls have learned from one of the best as to what to expect on a date-100% gentlemen, opening doors, flowers, compliments, etc. I love the fact that Dad will dance for hours with his little girls, even when I can't get one dance out of him at awedding. He truly makes them feel like princesses. Although, he takes the girls on individual dates throughout the year, this evening is indeed special for them all.
The Princess
The Ghanaian Princess
This year he took the little two to the first dance, picked up the oldest and took them all to dinner and then took Big Sister to the last dance. I am sure she is getting close to getting to the age of not wanting to go dancing with Dad, but not yet-he is still the guy who holds the moon in her eyes.
I am not sure who this young lady is and what she has done with Big Sister!?!
Perhaps, what I like most about this evening though is I get a date with my little man out of it. He is such a gentleman-opens my doors, pulls out my chair, let's me order first, holds my hand, etc. Tonight he had two things on his date night list: to go to a restaurant that serves fried okra and cinnamon rolls(at first it was jello) and to rent a movie. After dinner I asked him if he wanted to go anywhere else and he said "Let's just go home....turn on the warm blanket and snuggle watching a movie". What a perfect night we had and I think we are the only 2 in the family who will be able to wear shoes in the morning, a lot of tired dancing feet in this house.

Brother and his Date

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another snow day

We were at least able to get outside today, even though it was just in the single digits, the wind wasn't blowing 50mph. The kids actually went out several times today, not able to last more than about 30 minutes at a time though. School is out again tomorrow, but hoping to make it to the library that is opening late tomorrow-kids are really wanting some 'new' books to read. We have played, I think, every game we own. Guess that's what happens when you don't have 'tv'. Seriously considering fixing that if this winter keeps up like this. Getting 'new' books and out of the house.....I think I just might survive. I am betting there will be no school until next week, however I read there is more snow in the forecast for Sunday/Monday, ugh!